abhay singh
NEW DELHI, 11 JAN:  The disruption of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s public hearing left hundreds of people dejected as their problems went unheard.
Many people blamed the shortsightedness of the newly-formed government for failing to take precautionary measures to avoid stampeded-like situation.
The crowd mostly comprised contractual workers from various government departments such as Delhi Transport Corporation, power company BSES, government hospitals and municipal corporations, demanding job regularisation. Even students and people from other states came to attend the Janta Darbar.
A group of Delhi University students, who belonged to other states, came with the problem of the proposed plan of giving 90 percent of reservation to Delhi students in college admissions. One of the students, Akshay, native of Jharkhand said, "The move if comes into force would be a cheating on the students of other states."
In the public hearing, there was stampede-like situation and the main sufferers were the handicapped.
One of the handicapped, Gulshan Kumar, blamed the chaos for the AAP supporters. He said, "They did not come with any grievance but for cheering the new chief minister and other AAP leaders…Even police personnel were not co-operating with us."
It was AAP wave in the country that brought many people from other states to come to the public hearing. Although they knew their problems cannot be solved by the Delhi CM, yet they hoped against hope to get their woos heard.
A Chattisgarh native came with the problem of pension. He said, "For the first time we are witnessing this kind of public hearing where all ministers are hearing the problems of the public."