statesman news service
New Delhi, 24 July
The 130 Gender Resource Centres (GRCs) under mission convergence which have been providing education to women from poor and vulnerable sections of society has come up as a great revolution, said Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit today.
"By producing large number of neo literate women coming from the poorest and vulnerable sections of the society, the GRC has enlightened many through education," she said.
She complimented the role of Mission Convergence in taking up the education component as one of the key activities for empowerment of women and children from vulnerable sections of Delhi&’s population. "The component includes adult literacy, remedial and non-formal education classes where every year, over 12,000 learners benefit from the educational services across Delhi," added Mrs Dikshit.
She further added that Mission Convergence took a unique initiative to contact those women who had been deprived of education due to some reason. The Mission Convergence joined hand with NIOS in providing basic literacy skills to the women and today neo literate women promised in the presence of the Chief Minister to continue their education from GRC learning centres. 
They narrated their woes and stigma being faced by them when they were fully illiterate and shared how they were not able to read bus numbers and had to request others to operate their bank accounts and write their applications earlier.