Blaming the Delhi government for unprecedented water crisis in Delhi, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Vijender Gupta, said that Delhi Government as always, runs away from its own responsibility by putting the responsibility on the court and the Union Government for such crisis. 

He said, "Instead of meeting such crisis, the Chief Minister is busy playing politics. If he was concerned about 1.25 crores Delhiites, he would have made alternative arrangements for water. 

Delhi govt, by just filing a case in the Supreme Court, is trying to run away from its own responsibility. If Chief Minister wanted, he could have talked to the Chief Minister of Uttrakhand and arranged additional supply of water from Gang Canal, but he has not done so and is playing politics when people of Delhi are facing thirst.

Gupta said that Sunday is 8th day of Jat movement. Jat Leaders of Haryana had publically stated before beginning of the protest that this time they will stop the supply of water, milk, fruits and vegetables and other products of public use from Haryana.

This warning must have alerted Delhi govt. But the govt intentionally turned blind eyes so that crisis worsens and it gets an opportunity to blame the Union Govt for the same. 

As of now there is a shortage of only water but in days to come there is also going to be shortage of milk, curd, cheese, fruits and vegetables, food items which are supplied from Haryana.

Delhi Govt has made no alternative arrangements so far to meet the anticipated shortage of these items. If Delhi Govt was really concerned, it could have talked to the Govt. of Uttrakhand and arranged water supply from Gang canal to meet the crisis in Delhi, but it did not do so. 

The people of Delhi are craving even for few drops of water. 

"There will be serious shortage of water, fruits-vegetables, milk and milk products, food products etc. A section of the people, expert in looting/exploiting people in such crisis will take advantage of the situation. Delhi Govt has not prepared the Govt. machinery to be ready to meet such crisis in advance," said Gupta. 

Gupta told that water treatment plants at Haiderpur, Nangloi, Bawana, Dwarka, Okhla, Chandrawal and Wazirabad are totally shut due to non availability of water from Munak Canal. 

Two third (1.25 crores) people of Delhi are craving for supply of water since yesterday evening. Even if water is released from Munak canal for Delhi it will take at least two days to reach the water in Delhi and treating of the same in the treatment plants. 

As per information, protesters have destroyed all the electronic switches of the gate of Munak canal and machines have been damaged. Therefore, it will take time to repair the canal gate and the machines. Till then the people of Delhi will remain thirsty.

Delhi Govt has closed all private and govt. schools for Monday. Nursery admission process will also be interrupted due to closure of schools. The crisis is so serious that CTET has also been postponed. All examinations to be held in Delhi Schools have also been postponed. 

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to the Union Govt. and Dy. Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has demanded restoration of water supply from Munak Canal after meeting Union Home Minister. 

Kapil Mishra, Minister for water has said that supply of water will be curtailed to entire Delhi except Rashtrapati Bhawan, Prime Minister House and hospitals.

People who are not getting water due to closure of water treatment plants are already facing thirst due to non availability of even a drop of water.