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New Delhi, 2 July
The Delhi University&’s much talked about Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) is likely to end the issue of copy right violations of study materials as it has been prepared by the University&’s own teachers and academicians.
“The copyright for all books for FYUP will remain with the university of Delhi and copyright for their publication in any other mode/format/language will also be retained by the university,” said the University Registrar, Ms Alka Sharma.
Interestingly, a few months back some big publishing houses (Oxford & Cambridge University Press along with Francis & Taylor) had sued the Delhi University alleging that use of their intellectual and creative product required recompense; without which it was a violation of copy right.
Moreover, the University yesterday invited Expression of Interest (EOI) from six short listed publishers for publication of study materials for the foundation courses.
“Based on the eligibility criteria as mentioned in the EOI and evaluation of publication profiles, university&’s sub-committee for learning material specifically reviewed the publishers’ experience in undergraduate textbooks/ study material and their potential to carry out the complete scope of work involving content editing, formatting, copy editing, translation into Hindi, obtaining necessary copyright permission wherever required and printing and binding in a time-bound manner,” said Ms Sharma.
The short-listed six publishers are Himalaya Publishing House, Orient Black Swan Pvt. Ltd, Pearson Education, Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd, S. Chand & Co. Pvt. Ltd and Universities Press India P. Ltd. Interestingly, expected potential market for the study materials is around 60,000 students enrolled in the first year and also for the colleges and teachers and multiple copies required for University & College libraries, and others.
The publishers will have to provide the study materials 20 days from the date of placement of order falling which they will be penalized.
The contract between the University of Delhi and the publisher will be for a period of four years, in which the University of Delhi will have the right to develop a revised edition in any study material and the publisher will be required to print the same.