New Delhi, 20 January
 Retired Delhi Police officers’ body today accused the Delhi government ministers and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders of unfortunately spreading a sense of distrust between their followers and Delhi Police saying the situation can lead to dangerous outputs and may spread to a state of lawlessness.
 According to the president of Delhi Police Retired Gazetted Officers’ Association, Mr T R Kakkar, it is a right time when the central government should issue directions to the AAP government in Delhi to desist from taking law into their own hands and to stop browbeating the police officers by exceeding their authority.
 "The ministers of AAP be advised to distinguish between wrong and right actions under the law of the land," Mr Kakkar said. 
 The reaction came after two ministers in the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government, Law Minister Mr Somnath Bharti and Women and Child Welfare Minister, Ms Rakhi Birla, raided the residential houses of locals in their respective constituencies last week putting Delhi Police into tizzy.
 The patron of the association, Mr Hari Dev, said the behaviour of both the ministers was illegal and unbecoming of the office they hold.
 "They appeared to be arrogant and biased and wanted to get political mileage by pressurising the police. They wanted police to obey their illegal orders," Mr Dev added.
 Mr Bharti had attempted to carry out a surprise raid to bust a prostitution and drug-peddling racket in south Delhi’s Khirki Extension. During the three-hour long visit last Thursday, Mr Bharti had alleged that police refused to conduct a raid and arrest several foreigners accused of being involved in flesh trade.
 "When they were told by the police officers that any illegal action on our part against the foreign nationals may lead to diplomatic row, the minister brushed aside the suggestion saying that let the Central government take care of that problem," Mr Kakkar said.   Mr Dev also highlighted that the minister and his followers are guilty of wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement of foreign nationals.
 The police had also said that the act was not legal and was against the Supreme Court order, as no such raid/house search of females can be conducted between sunset and sunrise.