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Every fourth Indian suffers from mental illness: AIIMS

Every fourth Indian suffers from mental illness: AIIMS


Every fourth person in the country suffers from mental illness, said Dr Rakesh Chadda, Professor of Psychiatrist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 

Talking on the eve of ‘World Mental Health Day, Chadda, said, "90 per cent of patients having common mental disorder not receive treatment while around 50 per cent with severe mental disorder not receive treatment for his or her illness." 

Mental health experts claimed that persons with severe depression are most likely to commit suicide within a week from suffering from the disease. The experts at the AIIMS also said that 80 per cent of patients survived after suicide attempts accepted that that they have committed mistake while trying to end his or her life. Person who survived in suicide attempt after proper counseling what they have done is wrong.

"Most of the person with severe depression committed suicide within first week of disease and who survived felt guilty of something wrong. A study conducted in the country shows that after proper treatment and counseling, about 80 per cent felt what they had done is not right. Were suffering from severe depression for only one week," said assistant professor of psychiatrist, AIIMS, Dr Siddharth Sarkar. 

Experts also warned that sensationalisation of suicide by mass media also encourages other mentally ill person to end the life in same way. 

"Mentally ill patients copy cat previous suicide incidents which were sensationalized. In recent years national capital has witnessed that lot of people had committed suicide fat Janakpuri district center or now we heard people are jumping in front of Delhi Metro trains to end their life. Such copy cat suicide can be brought down by stopping sensationalization of suicide," said Professor of psychiatrist, AIIMS, Dr Pratap Sharan.