Delhi University teachers, in a united show of strength, gathered at the Shri Ram College of Commerce on Saturday to protest against the government’s alleged insidious attempt to deny jobs and promotions through its controversial API system. 

The teachers slammed the workload changes that have been incorporated in the UGC regulations through what they termed an arbitrary Gazette Notification of 10 May. 

"Today’s General Body Meeting (GBM) of the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) witnessed a historic gathering in which teachers resolved to take the attack to the Government’s doorstep and build a mass movement against its draconian policy of draining academic talent from public-funded universities and facilitating privatisation through the backdoor," said Nandita Narain, DUTA president. 

The meeting culminated in a spontaneous protest march that weaved its way through the entire main campus and colleges of Delhi University. 

DUTA is buoyed by the support it has received from students, fraternal teachers’ associations in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and the AIFUCTO. 

DUTA has decided to extend its evaluation boycott for the next five days and has given a call for a People’s Protest March to Parliament on Monday, 30 May. 

Students’ organisations and members of several teachers association are expected to participate in the march. 

"The MHRD should now engage in meaningful dialogue geared towards an acceptable solution. Failing this, the DUTA will be forced to consider an escalation in the movement. A mass campaign on the issue will be launched in the coming days, to spread awareness on the implications of the API amendments among students, parents and civil society," said Narain.