New Delhi, 02 September
Delhi University has irked many students and teachers by advising the students going on education trip to Punjab to strictly adhere to the dress code.
“The University should stop moral policing. These students are studying in a University and not in a school. Moreover, dress doesn’t encourage or discourage eve-teasing or any bad behaviour, it is the mentality of an individual,” said a Delhi University teacher.
The University came under fire for issuing guidelines for code of conduct which states, “Students are to strictly adhere to the dress code i.e. girls are not allowed to wear skirts, shorts or spaghetti and boys are also not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.
” The University&’s educational train Gyanodaya, carrying around 900 students and faculty members, was today flagged off by the Minister of State for Railways, Mr Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. Pavitra, a Delhi University student, however, agreed with the code of conduct the university issued.
“What is the big deal about it. This is an official education trip and there should not be objection if there is a dress code. One has different set of dressing for a party and another for office. Isn’t it?,” she asked.
Deputy dean, students welfare, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja said, “The University has to manage everything and there is nothing wrong if the University issued these guidelines,” he said.