New Delhi, 4 October
Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has expressed concern over the screening of candidates for appointment of permanent faculty members in Delhi University. The DUTA executive today resolved to go
on an offensive against the University decision to screen candidates who are applying for the vacant teaching positions. DUTA president, Nandita Narain, said that an
unprecedented situation was prevailing in the University, wherein over 4,000 teaching posts are lying vacant for years and teachers have been forced to carry on in ad hoc capacity due to the University&’s refusal to resume appointments.  “It is unfair to apply any screening criteria on candidates. The DUTA demands that all screening criteria must be removed and every candidate fulfilling the minimum eligibility
criteria, as set by the UGC, must be allowed before the Selection Committees,” she said. In the last meeting of the Delhi University&’s Executive Council, a proposal to screen and limit the number of candidates for interviews by allotting cut-off points, based on certain academic performance indicators, was approved. The University has also decided to implement the 200-point reservations roster from 3 September, 2013. DUTA officials said that the correct implementation of the reservations roster, alongside all other provisions of the 2006 UGC guidelines on reservations, has been its long-standing demand.