abhay singh
NEW DELHI, 14 DEC: Nearly one year has passed since the 16/12 brutal gang-rape took place in the Capital, women still find the city unsafe in ‘odd hours’ needing an urgent attention.
No doubt the wave of protests by common people pressurised the government to make stringent laws, but this is not enough, observed Deepti, a student of Delhi University. She said, "Installing CCTV cameras in some places or adding women security as an agenda in party manifesto are not enough. Rather groundwork needed to be done with regard to gender sensitization."  However, she added even today, there are stretches which are so poorly lit that women dread walking there. "I live in Mayur Vihar and despite it being a posh locality, the majority of street lights still do not work," she said.
In the recently held Delhi Assembly Election women security was a pivotal issue in the manifesto of all political parties. It was considered as game changer in the assembly election.
Going down hard on political parties Director of Center for Social Research Ranjana Kumari told that the empowerment or security for women just remain on parties manifesto only for getting votes. After wining the elections, they ignore what is empowerment for women security.
Meanwhile, gender rights activist and noted playwright, Eve Ensler saluted people of Delhi for being brave enough. She said, "I would actually say Delhi is the place which is finally telling the real story where all the stories are coming out. While we keep hearing about massive violence against women globally the people in Delhi are brave enough to tell the stories".
Prabhat Singh of Parivartan Sandesh NGO said, "Awareness among women have increased we had seen rise in the number of reported cases means that now women are coming forward and reporting such incidents not only in urban women but the rural women are contacting police NGO’s for such incident
"Earlier a number of cases went unreported as women were afraid or shy of contacting police or NGO’s and also the social stigma which came with it bind them to keep quiet," added, Mr Singh. Preeti Mehra who works in an MNC in Gurgaon alleged that she still fear travelling in night in the national capital. She said, "Whenever I get late, I prefer spending night in a hostel and go back home in Delhi only next day. In Delhi I really fear travelling in night."