In a pointer to a possible political realignment, a commentary on Delhi in a CPI-M journal has endorsed the AAP line that its problems with Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung are engineered by the BJP.

A write-up on Delhi in the "People’s Democracy" also says that another reason the AAP government was facing multiple troubles was because of its move against "various kinds of corruption in the city". 

As long as Prakash Karat was the general secretary of the Communist Party of India-Marxist, it kept a distance from the Aam Aadmi Party citing its lack of ideological vision, particularly an economic line.

From the commentary in the latest "People’s Democracy", which reflects the thinking in the CPI-M leadership, it seems this may be changing after the replacement of Karat by Sitaram Yechury.

The commentary — "Delhi turns into a battleground for Centre-State relations" — said the BJP was gripped by "unbounded frustration and blinding rage" after being "so soundly and comprehensively routed" in the February assembly election in Delhi by the AAP.

The "drubbing in Delhi came as a great shock to the party (BJP) and its leaders. They are not been able to accept the defeat", it said, adding the BJP-led central government was making things difficult for the AAP.

Talking about Delhi’s multiplicity of authorities and its unique status, the journal accused the BJP of using Jung and the BJP-led municipal corporations to stir trouble for the Arvind Kejriwal government.

"There is one part of the tale of Delhi that has remained less talked about," it said. 

"AAP has promised to investigate various kinds of corruption in the city and also to completely check the privatized electricity distribution system.

"Now big stakes are involved in this… Any investigation or audit of past accounts would mean ruffling their feathers.

"That is why all kinds of shenanigans have been launched against the AAP. And that is also why there is such a tug of war (over) bureaucrats."

It added that despite its ideological stumbling and acrimonious infighting, the AAP had a whopping 67 legislators in an assembly of 70.

"So, just rage, frustration and hubris are not going to deliver the goods for the BJP, all the more not for Congress."