statesman news service
New Delhi, 12 Oct: With festivity fervour all around the Capital like every year, the people in the city are looking forward to burn the effigy of evil Ravan on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami or tenth day of Dussehra.
With modern art and equipment modern Ravana effigy most of them carrying a message like no smoking or against alcohol consumption have been prepared and are set for its final ending on Sunday.
Where as per the tradition of wishing people during the festive season the lieutenant governor and Chief minister of Delhi today extended their greetings to Delhi’ites for celebrating Dussehra in Delhi.
"May this festival strengthen bonds of brotherhood and may Godess Durga shower her blessings on all our people forever," said LG Mr Najeeb Jung.
Explaining to the importance of the Dussehra, Mr Jung said, "The festival of Dussehra depicts the victory of good over evil. It is the celebration of Shakti and Bhakti and symbolizes our inner struggle to rise to higher levels of consciousness. Mother Durga, epitomises female dynamism and guides us in the path of righteousness and blesses our land with peace, happiness and prosperity."
Chief minister Sheila Dikshit said, the victory of the good over the evil would remind all of us about pursuing the right path. And the religious fervour would continue to inspire all of us to promote the values of harmony and co-existence.