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CD row: BJP demands CM’S resignation

Statesman News Service |

The BJP on Thursday demanded Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation on moral grounds after an objectionable CD purportedly showing his minister Sandeep Kumar in compromising position with two women. 

Delhi BJP president, Satish Upadhyay, hit out at the chief minister saying that he has no moral right to continue in office when many of his ministers and party leaders are involved in scams and scandals. 

On Wednesday, leader of opposition in the Delhi Assembly had demanded Kejriwal’s resignation from his post accepting responsibility for picking up a "morally corrupt" MLA in the Cabinet. 

"His government has become a government of scamsters, immoral people and persons indulging in forgery and extortion. Development works in Delhi has come to a standstill and Arvind Kejriwal’s slogan has become a subject of ridicule among the people. A WhatsApp in the social media is doing the rounds ”Wo Pareshan Karte Rahe or Arvind Kejriwal ke Mantri Aish Karte Rahe," alleged Upadhyay. 

He also challenged the chief minister to explain the media about his position on the sex scandal CD. The dismissal of the tainted minister is being issued through Twitter and explanations are being issued through video conferencing, he said. 

"If any morality left in the Chief Minister, then he should come forward and reply to the questions of the media and the people," he said. 

He also demanded expulsion of the legislators from House who harassed women. Kejriwal did not sack his minister because of morality but because of media pressure, pointed out Upadhyay.

He added that the controversial CD was with the government for 15 to 20 days but no action was taken until the media reported the matter. Criticising the CM further, Upadhyay also quoted US Foreign Secretary John Kerry’s boats remarks at IIT-Delhi when he asked students whether they came in boats to attend the programme. 

Meanwhile, BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is a party of greedy people and that the people are feeling betrayed by reposing faith in such political party. She said that before coming to power Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that he had personally verified every MLA and assured the people that AAP candidates were not tainted. 

It has become very difficult for him to face the people under the circumstances which are prevailing today. 

"We are witnessing MLAs involved in anarchy, harassment of women, bribery, extortion and scams and now we are also witnessing the case of sexual misconduct," she alleged. BJP demands that the Chief Minister should come forward and take action against such sinful and corrupt MLAs. 

"It is very shameful that some AAP leaders are trying to show that this is a case of consensual relationship but we want to ask that how a person can have consensual relationship with so many women," she added. 

This is not with the consent of women but it is a case of having sexual relation with poor women by promising them government benefits or service and hence police investigation is needed, she alleged.