udayan kishor
NEW DELHI, 11 JAN: The two-day national seminar on ‘Work Environment for Women Workers: Issues of Safety and Dignity’, today concluded at the Parliament Annexe, with a call to observe 8 March, 2014 as ‘Working Women’s Day for Safety and Dignity.’
Organised by the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), the seminar discussed several topics including work environment under neo-liberal regimes in formal and informal sectors, sexual harassment at workplace and legislative coverage.
The seminar observed that the harassment, denial of justice and forcing unsafe working conditions for women have reached unbearable dimensions.
The scholars came out with a strategy to ensure dignity and safety for every working woman, both inside and outside the working place.
The participants emphasised the need of plugging of all loopholes in the existing laws in the country and enactment of new foolproof ones wherever necessary in consultation with the bodies of working women and all concerned in the safety and dignity of women.
It was decided that the message of the seminar would be taken down to the working women at the remotest parts of the country by organizing time-bound programmes including, regional seminars to be completed by the end of February along with holding state level seminars, district level seminars, holding of public meetings, symposia/get-together meetings, consultation meetings with like-minded organizations, political parties and individual members of parliament, ministries and departments of the government who deal with the subject. The findings also added that by sensitizing the media, both electronic and print, the message should be taken to the public at large.
The strategies will be further expanded and intensified through a membership drive, holding of rallies at all levels outside collectorates and assemblies.
 "All these can be followed by a march to Parliament exclusively of working women, the dates of which can be finalised later," said the organisers.
Also, the seminar set up a 15-member core group to plan and implement the above programme, if necessary by constituting a special fund.