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Bouquets, brickbats for AAP on social media

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New Delhi, 12 December
As the deadlock over government formation in Delhi continues, the Aam Aadmi Party, which made a spectacular  debut in the recent Assembly elections, is facing a lot of flak for not attempting to form government.
While a section using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook feel that allying with any party would counter AAP’s basic principles, another school of thought is that since it has chosen to be part of the system, it should use this opportunity to govern and put its policies into practice, even if that requires taking support from other political parties.
 In an exhortation to AAP and BJP, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur wrote on Twitter, "While we can shout hoarse d message that everyone must vote, we must also ensure parties value that vote. Be accountable for it. #AAP #BJP"
Nanak Deo said on Twitter, "AAP, Congress and BJP should openly come together now instead of closed door meeting."
"AAP had a good chance to give brilliant government. Why they are shying away," asked Prapancha on Twitter.
Mahak Rajpoot mocked on Twitter, "AAP is not afraid of contesting elections but of forming the  government." Echoing this view, Vidyut wrote, "AAP has started sounding depressingly like the other parties. Silence on things they don’t want to answer, conservative approach."
Neeraj Kalwani wrote on Twitter, "AAP only knows how to spread Instability and chaos. They said BJP spends Rs 1,400 cr to malign us. BJP buying our MLA, no proof just garbage." Rajesh Chaudhary wrote, "AAP wants reelection like last time. Kejriwal fights Sheila Dikshit again. And all candidates repeated Result. Same deadlock."
Manish wrote, "Arvind Kejriwal only knows how to make promises and fool the nation. He has no intention to implement whatever he says in manifesto. #AAP"
However, there are people supporting AAP’s stand. Sudhir Tailang said on Twitter, "…And supporting or getting support from either will be suicidal for AAP!" Tasmeet Gujral also wrote, "Excellent strategy to go for re election in Delhi, will keep AAP busy."
Reacting to the online criticism, AAP posted a cartoon on its Facebook page, depicting its critics as trolls. The cartoon also showed two politicians ~ one saying they had manipulated this pressure on AAP with the other saying that they won’t let AAP make any law as they have the numbers to counter any move by Arvind Kejriwal’s party.