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NEW DELHI, 11 JAN: Reacting to the chaos and mismanagement at "Janta Darbar" held by the Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi BJP today slammed Mr Kejriwal and his ministerial colleagues for befooling and humiliating large number of people in the name of “Janata Darbar.”
 “Not even a single complaint was tackled as hundreds waited. If this is not political stunt then what else could it be?” asked Mr Vijay Goel, Delhi BJP chief.
 He alleged that any person with common sense should know that holding an open public hearing on road by a Chief Minister is not feasible in a city of 1.6 crore people. "If AAP was really serious about public hearing it would have held it in every department, at assembly level and within the secretariat also," said Mr Goel.
 Talking further, he added that political gimmickry should not overtake governance but Mr Kejriwal and his team are desperate to take short-cuts to popularity in view of Lok Sabha polls.
 “On key issues of power and water tariffs, AAP has not only failed to deliver but it is taking a complete about turn on these issues. What is even a greater cause of worry is that AAP is now running a parallel network of so called AAP volunteers and trying to manage complete administration through this network," stated Mr Goel.
 He also said that private individuals cannot be allowed to take administration in their own hands which AAP is doing. "This will destroy the administrative mechanisms, structures, processes and systems and the people will suffer as administration will soon become completely defunct and will not be able to cater to them,” said Mr Goel
 Alleging further, Mr Goel said, “It is sad to see that instead of tackling the real issues of price rise, corruption and women safety, AAP leaders are behaving incoherently due to their misplaced arrogance".
 Not only BJP, former Team Anna member Kiran Bedi also criticized Mr Kejriwal for organizing a ‘janta darbar’ which ended in chaos. Taking a jibe at him over lack of “mature” governance, Ms Bedi said that such meetings do not happen on the streets or the rooftops.
 “All good governance organises public hearing. Many senior police officers and bureaucrats have public hearings. There is a schedule and method and certainly openness about it. It is not on the streets or on the rooftops," said Ms Bedi.
 She added that such meetings are organised in the offices. "Public hearings are part of good governance but there is a method to it, there is a purpose and there is a place for it. Therefore, I think that is all about mature governance, it is also about experienced governance, that is what I think is lacking,” she said.
 A former police officer, Bedi had worked with Kejriwal and was part of Team Anna during the Janlokpal movement in 2011 but the two later drifted apart.
Bedi also took to micro-blogging site Twitter as soon of the news about chaos at the janta darbar broke and said, “For God’s sake, Arvind and Team, Secretariats are not run from rooftops! Please take time to listen/absorb! And then take considered decisions!”