New Delhi, 20 January
BJP has condemned AAP for staging a dharna and causing hardship to thousands of Delhi’ites by blocking central Delhi.
The party also said governance cannot be done from roads. The sanctity of the process of governance is being violated for petty political mileage by hogging headlines.
To protest the breakdown of administrative machinery and pushing Delhi towards anarchy, Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel said, "AAP chief minister and his ministerial colleagues have behaved in an extremely irresponsible manner. Instead of sacking the law minister Somnath Bharti who has been indicted by court for misbehaving with women, Kejriwal and his ministers are sitting on dharna."
Mr Goel said AAP has failed to deliver on areas which are in Delhi government’s domain ~ power, water, development of JJ clusters and unauthorised colonies, education and transport. They have dumped the "Janta Darbars". When their anti-corruption helpline flopped, they blamed the anti-corruption branch. There have been no orders on power tariff reduction so far. The ‘free water’ provision will benefit a few affluent families only.
"Kejriwal is Mr U-Turn. He takes turns on every promise. Now with an eye on 2014 Lok Sabha polls, he has left the governance on back burner and is doing political acrobatics," he added.