statesman news service
New Delhi, 7 July
Dr Kiran Walia, Education Minister has condemned the allegations of BJP regarding performance of Delhi Government schools by claiming an internal survey conducted by the party in government schools had found that students were encouraged to use fraud means to show higher pass percentage.
"Political parties have stooped so low as to propagate bundles of lies and carried out a baseless and malicious propaganda against Delhi Government schools. This act is highly demeaning. It constitutes an attack on 16 lakh hard working students and more than 50,000  teachers of Government schools," said Dr Walia.
She added that the political party should have this minimum knowledge that the 12th class examinations are national level exams conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, which is an independent body of the Government of India. "Our results are based on their evaluation at all India level and not on basis of a concocting political party survey," added the minister. Meanwhile, the education department of Delhi claims that there are 990 government schools in Delhi, out of which 832 schools are Senior Secondary Schools affiliated to CBSE.
In these schools, the examination for class 12 are conducted by the CBSE. In the academic year 2012-13, the Delhi Government schools were the best performing schools among the government schools category with 88.62 is the pass percentage. The department further claimed that the conduct of this examination is done by an independent body at a National Level. It is wrong to put aspersions on this CBSE-conducted National Level exam and Delhi Government schools are giving best results in CBSE class 12 exams; Over the last few years, lot of new initiatives had been initiated in Delhi Govt. schools, "There is an elaborate IT based system for all the schools, said an official. He further claimed that schools are holding unit test on weekly basis and four quarterly tests besides the First & Annual Term examination.
The examination question paper for First & Annual Term examinations are not prepared at school level but are prepared centrally.
He added, "To provide support for quality education to students of classes 10th, 11th & 12th support material is prepared and provided to the students in major subjects of 10th & 12th and the allegations are demeaning to the performances of students and as schools as well."