New Delhi, 23 December
With the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) set to form government in Delhi with outside support from the Congress, the BJP Delhi state minority cell today said AAP has effectively proved that it is the ‘B’ team of Congress.
The office secretary of the minority cell, Mohammed Jozee, said on 4 December, the people of Delhi had voted against the "corrupt Congress government, in a bid to eradicate the 15-year-long bad governance".
"It was clear from the very outset that the AAP is the B team of the decade-old Congress party and would join hands with the Congress if required. There has been several occasions when the Congress party gave birth to another political party after realising the anti-incumbency mood of the people," said Jozee.
 Responding to the charges, a senior AAP leader said, "We would show the BJP and the Congress parties how a clean government runs without involving corrupt practices. Our government would fulfil all the promises without serving any vested interests."