statesman news service
New Delhi, 17 September
 Amidst massive crowd and in the presence of top leaders, BJP launched its election campaign for the upcoming polls at Talkatora stadium here in the capital.
Before the launch, havans were performed to give it an auspicious start. Mr Rajnath Singh, Mr Venkaiah Naidu, Mr Vijay Goel, Mr Nitin Gadkari and many top leadership of the party were present on the occasion. Holding the Congress government responsible for the inflation, senior praty member, Mr Naidu said, "Where ever across the country we went people were tired of the Congress rule and said that they wanted a change to put the administration in a better and efficient hand. BJP is all set to provide the option".
 Media fraternity from Television decided to distance themselves from entering Talkatora Stadium at the launch of Delhi, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) campaign for the upcoming Delhi assembly elections. It was followed by Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel’s spat with journalist, who were setting up their cameras and tripods at the vacate space available before the stage. He was asking, not place the camera in front of stage, as it bothers the frame of mind of people listening to speakers and eventually, it will destroy their program. So it is better to place some where behind. After this all journalists, decided to leave the venue and went outside with their units. According to them, it is media who disseminate their voice to public, so that citizens elect their representative for better government. So, how can media be responsible for destroying their program. 
Later on, Mr Goel came outside of stadium and tried to convince irked journalists standing across the street. However, till that time, they all have decided, to let Delhi BJP pay for their misbehavior. Not a single private channel broadcasted, BJP’s massive campaign launch for election in November for Delhi Assembly.