Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia today said that each vote cast for the BJP in the 8 February state Assembly election would be a vote against free electricity, education and healthcare. He accused the BJP of allegedly calling the people of Delhi “bikau (saleable)”.

Sisodia condemned the BJP for proposing to use the slogan “Dilli Bikao Nahi Hai (Delhi is not up for sale)” in their election campaign.

“The BJP has planned to launch a campaign ‘Dilli ka Swabhiman’ (Delhi’s self-respect) and they have decided to reach out to people with the line ‘Dili bikao nahi hai’. This campaign is against the AAP government’s welfare schemes of free water, electricity, transport and others. BJP shouldn’t dare to call people ‘bikao’,” Sisodia said.

Charging that the BJP was insulting the people of Delhi who have been beneficiaries of the AAP government’s “pro-people” policies by “calling them bikau or freeloaders”, Sisodia said, adding that BJP leaders, Amit Shah and J P Nadda, should apologise to the people.

“I demand that Union home minister Amit Shah and BJP’s working president J P Nadda apologise to the people of Delhi for this shameful statement of their leaders. Delhi’s people are masters and BJP leaders must behave properly with them, this kind of misbehaviour will not be tolerated. I also implore the people to listen to these BJP leaders carefully, they are calling you ‘bikau’,” Sisodia said.

“The BJP is against free electricity, free water and free travel for women. This can be their agenda as a party but they cannot insult the people of Delhi who are the beneficiaries of these pro-people policies,” Sisodia told media persons.

“This may be their party’s stand, but along with this, they have made a shameful statement calling the people of Delhi ‘bikau’. I want to tell them that they shouldn’t dare to call Delhi’s or India’s people ‘bikau’. Delhi people are not bikau, they are the masters. Irrespective of whichever party is in power, AAP or BJP, the government is like a servant and its duty is to serve and and not loot their masters,” he said.

Sisodia pointed out that all money for all government expenses, for their aeroplanes and their salaries, comes from taxes paid by people.

“No matter what a person does, whether he is a rickshaw puller, a daily wage labourer, he is paying taxes and it is from that money that government buys buses, builds mohalla clinics, buys electricity, creates water supply system etc. Rich or poor, all pay taxes,” the deputy CM said.

“The BJP has insulted people of Delhi by calling them ‘bikau’. Getting benefit from subsidised services of government doesn’t make people ‘bikau’. BJP leaders have time and again made statements that they don’t want free education, water, electricity. BJP national general secretary

Anil Jain has said that BJP is against giving subsidies, as this makes people ‘bikau’,” he said.
Sisodia claimed that the people of Delhi know the truth and that they know that the BJP only wants to use all facilities created from people’s tax money to benefit few industrialists, thereby making it a double tax on people.

“Paying a tax is anyway a burden on people, but when you charge people to provide the services which have been funded from tax collected from the people, then you add a double burden. We have ended this double burden. People pay taxes and it is the government’s duty to provide the services to them. Now whether rich or poor, they are benefiting from government facilities,” he said.

On his part, Delhi CM and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal also said that the AAP served the public instead of indulging in corruption.

“BJP is opposing free electricity, water, education, medicine, bus travel in Delhi. We have given these facilities to the people of Delhi by saving the money which would have been siphoned off in corruption,” Kejriwal said.

“My question to the BJP is — Is it okay to steal the money of the public or is it okay to stop the theft and give the people free facilities with that money?” the CM asked.