NEW DELHI, 12 Oct: A 48-year-old businessman was allegedly abducted by unknown persons last evening, when he had gone out of his house in west Delhi. Dara Singh who stays with his wife and son at Sindhi Gate in Palam area runs a jewellery shop. He is also a property dealer, said police.
 According to the police, Singh’s son claims that on Friday evening he left for somewhere telling family members that he would return soon. When Dara didn’t return, his family tried calling him on his mobile phone, but it was switched off. Later on, his son got call where the caller informed that Dara is is safe under his (the caller) custody.  Dara&’s family were puzzled by the call, because the caller didn’t ask for a ransom. They believe that the kidnappers are probably acquainted with Dara. 
Investigators are uncertain about the motive behind the kidnapping, because the kidnappers have not asked for a ransom from Dara&’s family. sns