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Bars, pubs to observe Don”t Drink and Drive Day


To address the rising problems of drunk driving and prevent it on roads, on the occasion of National Don’t Drink and Drive Day on 6 August, over 100 bars and pubs will join Community Against Drunken Driving (CADD).

With over 90,000 road accident deaths in India cause due to drunken driving, 100 bars, pubs and cab service providers have joined CADD to observe the National Don’t Drink and Drive Day, on 6 August.

"It is important to observe a special day to remind the masses to practice responsibility and choose not to drink and drive as drunk driving is 100 percent preventable if we as a community practice to drive sober. We have been observing this day since 6 August 2005," said Prince Singhal, activist, CADD.

As a part of initiative, the restaurants, bars, pubs, cabs services providers will take measures including providing complimentary non-alcoholic beverages to customers, assisting an intoxicated guest with a cab/ driver, schemes and discounts for the day for customers who come in with designated drivers or otherwise and offers for the day for customers who hire cab/driver services during that day.

According to Singhal, “An accident occurs every one minute and a death every 3.7 minutes while 2,000 lives lost annually in terrorist acts is a national issue". In the last decade, over one million people have been killed in road accidents and over five million have been seriously injured or permanently disabled in India.

Seventy per cent of these deaths are caused due to drunk driving which is a premeditated crime and the driver does and should have knowledge that their act can cause death.

Some of the participating outlets include Buzz, Light House, Joy Luck Moon besides others.