New Delhi, 4 August
Several police personnel were on their toes when an Assam Rifles personnel climbed atop a transmission tower threatening to commit suicide over his stalled promotion in Sarai Kale Khan area this evening.
 Vikas Chandra Borai, 37, came down only after some senior officers convinced him to send his woes to the concerned officer. Borai told police that he is a constable since 17 years without promotion.
  Police said that the high voltage drama began at 11:15 am, when Vikas climbed the tower threatening to commit suicide. At this, police and fire department were informed.
 A senior police officer said that when they failed to bring him down, the officers of Assam Rifles were called up who later convinced him somehow. With the help of elevators provided by the fire department, his seniors approach him. He came down at around 6:30 pm.