Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday asserted that Delhi government had not delayed a file on ban on use of Chinese manjha (kite string) — which has caused several deaths — but alleged that delay in clearing the file occured at the LG office and the Environment Secretary.

Displaying the File Movement Register’s copy to the media, Sisodia said: "I received the file at 3.57 p.m. on Aug 9 and seeing the importance of this matter I cleared it within a few seconds."

Sisodia said the file was cleared by the Delhi Environment Minister and the Chief Secretary on the same day.

"It was sent to the office of Environment Secretary on Aug 10. The file was kept for seven days there," he added.

"The delay was not on our part but it took four days at the LG office," Sisodia said.

The file was sent to the LG office on Aug 5, and they got it back on Aug 9, he said.

The use of Chinese manjha claimed the lives of two children and a 22-year-old man in the past few days.

To protect birds and prevent fatal accidents, the Delhi government on Tuesday banned nylon, plastic and Chinese ‘manjha’ and any other sharp kite-flying strings.