Aesthetic depiction of Lord Krishna’s avatar in Delhi

Divine Intervention, Lord Krishna, Spice Art Gallery, Babita Gupta, artists,

Divine Intervention, a show exhibiting contemporary depictions of Lord Krishna in various avatars is the central theme of an ongoing art exhibition at Art Spice Gallery. The exhibition displays works of international artists like P Gnana and G Subramanian and around 50 paintings, sculptures of Lord Krishna along with other gods.

Speaking about the exhibition, Babita Gupta, Director of Art Spice Gallery said, “It is a pleasure to associate with these two leading artists. This exhibition is indeed a divine intervention, whereby the viewer is privileged to foster a beautiful affiliation with Subramanian’s very first collection of enchanting sculptures and Gnana’s recent collection of elucidating sculptures. “Divine Intervention” is a platform for like-minded people to meet and explore Lord Krishna in not just from a typical “art history” or “art interpretation” aspect, but from a more relatable perspective.”

The divine collection has not experimented much with colours and has been kept simple and soulful.


The exhibition will close on 21 September 2019.