Referring to Gajendra Singh’s suicide, RSS today accused the Aam Aadmi Party of stooping to the "lowest level" by "instigating some supposed to be farmer" to enact a suicide attempt which turned out to be a tragedy.

"What AAP has done in the name of farmers’ rally is touching the lowest level of politics. In another attempt of embarrassing the Centre, AAP tried to create a drama which turned out to be a tragedy."

"For catching the public attention through media, instigating some supposed to be farmer to enact a suicide attempt and the person actually losing his life is dirty politics, which should be discarded outright," the editorial in the latest issue of "Organiser" said.

The editorial "AAP: Is it different?" said the problem of Indian agriculture is systemic and cannot be linked merely to other land development policies.

It said India’s agricultural land is overburdened and was never boosted through innovation and investment. The socialist pattern of philosophy of poverty started by the Congress and now "dramatised" by AAP can only derail the real development in agricultural sector.

"Through such attempt, AAP can only add entertainment value to politics but cannot make any substantial change. Hope the party that emerged from the basic foundation of morality takes right lessons from the ‘farmer suicide’ tragedy," the editorial said.

It added that though the party can still continue be a unique party (as they have proved), otherwise it will lose its base and become irrelevant.