New Delhi, 23 December
Even as the Aam Aadmi Party decided to form government in Delhi, a senior leader of the party is skeptical over its longevity given the ‘ugly’ track record of the Congress in withdrawing support.
Prashant Bhushan, however, said that that the AAP would not compromise on its principles and try its level best to fulfill poll promises.
“Given the past track record of the Congress party, I don’t expect that our government will survive for long… one month, four months or six months, it is to be seen,” said Mr Bhushan.
He said, the AAP would not accept any condition of the Congress party in spite of its support from outside. “Even though it will be a minority government, we are prepared not to accept any condition by Congress or BJP. We will be faithfully implementing our agenda and our manifesto… We are not forming the government given the fact that it may for a certain period of time,” Mr Bhushan added.
“If Congress and BJP join hands to pull down our government, it&’s their wish.”
He said that AAP, with 28 seats in the 70-member Assembly, has decided to form the government after taking the views of the people, who overwhelmingly voted in favour of government formation with outside support from Congress.
Mr Bhushan also said that AAP was forming the ministry to show the people of the country that there are different ways of running a government than what is being practiced by the Congress and BJP.
“That, it is possible to run the government on the basis of the people&’s opinion and their views. It is possible to run a government by doing away with the VIP culture. It is possible to run a government for the purpose for changing the political system, making it more responsive to the people and that&’s the message we want to give,” he said.
‘Support conditional’
Mrs Sheila Diskhit, who ruled Delhi for 15 years, clarified that the support to Aam Admi Party (AAP) is "not unconditional".
 Raising doubts on AAP promises like reducing power tariff and 700 litres of free water supply to residents of Delhi, she said Congress would continue to support AAP as long it delivers its promises.
She, however, welcomed AAP to form the government and hoped the new party will be able to fulfill the promises made to people. "We had said that we would give them outside support. The support is not unconditional. I congratulate them for deciding to form government and hopes that they will be able to fulfill the promises they made to the people of Delhi. We know that it is impossible to fulfill the promises they made," said Mrs Dikshit.
 She accused the AAP leaders of using "uncivilised" language against the Congress even after it announced support to the new party.  "Their language is not good. It is uncivilised. We can criticise each other but the language should be civil," she said.
 Welcoming AAP’s decision, Delhi Congress chief, Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, clarified that the support is completely from outside and not unconditional. 
 "We wanted the people of Delhi to have a government. It is a good thing," he said. Let us be clear that it is outside support for this government and we want that they implement their promises, he said.  "We are the nation’s oldest political party. We will do what we can for the people," he said adding that as long as the AAP continued with good policies, the Congress will back the party.
 The Congress had lost to AAP in the December 4 polls as it managed to win only eight seats in the 70-member assembly while AAP got 28 seats.