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New Delhi, 23 December
As the deadlock over government formation in New Delhi finally ended today with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) deciding to take the plunge with outside support from the Congress,  party leader Arvind Kejriwal faced a lot of flak on social media for going back on his word that he would not take the support of either Congress or BJP.
Users of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook did not hesitate to ridicule the AAP decision. Many users expressed disappointment that AAP chose congress over BJP. Many said taking outside support from either of the two major political parties of India would contradict AAP’s basic principle of fighting corruption.
Many twitter users retweeted Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet of 28 November which said "No alliance wid (sic) either BJP or congress under any circumstances".
Supporters of the BJP were more vocal in their comments.  Twitter and Facebook accounts under the name ‘force Namo’ called the decision ‘hypocritical’.
After AAP uploaded a video explaining why they choose to form a minority government with Congress support, the post received a barrage of mixed comments.
Hitesh Ahuja, a facebook user,  commented , "I have lost all hope in this country’s politics! Yet another example of opportunist politics by AAP in Delhi! Forming government with Congress Support."
However, there was also support for AAP’s decision to form government across the same social networking sites.
Many supporters argued that being part of the system AAP can use the opportunity to govern and put its policies in practice, even if that requires taking support from other political parties.
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, "I’m glad Delhi is finally getting a government but what does this new alliance mean for some of #AAP’s high profile 2014 election battles?".
Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, supporter of AAP, tweeted, "India needs an effective 3rd political force that is not burdened by its history. That can think new. Whatever happens in 2014 #aap is welcome".
There was support in Bollywood as well. Actor Kabir Bedi tweeted, "Who imagined, a year ago, that Arvind Kejriwal would rule #Delhi? Historic birth of a new political force: ePolitics! Congrats, #AAP!".
However, many users steered clear of criticism or praise only hoping that AAP would deliver on what it had promised to the people.
One social media user, Jeetendar Singh, wrote, "Just deliver on what you promised ~ we will judge you based on your performance, not what you or anyone else says."
Joy Das, a twitter user, wrote, "Arvind Kejriwal will Either Teach or Learn a Spectacular Lesson! In Either case, it will be good for Democracy".