New Delhi, 6 January
The Aam Admi Party (AAP) on Monday turned out to be the first political party in the country to have an internal committee on sexual harassment as per the Vishaka guidelines of the Supreme Court.
"Aam Aadmi Party is the first party in the country to adopt Vishakha guidelines prescribed by the Supreme Court. We will soon put the guidelines in the public domain," said a statement issued by the party.
It added, "It would be a committee of three women members – Atishi Marlena, Preeti Sharma Menon and Leela Ramdas – who will look after women-related complaints."
However, Atishi Marlena, a member of AAP’s political dealings board and Preeti Sharma who is the core member of the course of action, policy and programme committee of the party. The party also designated Leela Ramdas, social activist and wife of retired Navy chief Laxminarayan Ramdas as the third member of the committee.
"If we learn that there are complaints related to exploitation of women, then this committee will evaluate such cases and take necessary disciplinary action against them," the statement added.
Further, the party claimed that AAP was the most primitive political party in the country to have such a committee.
The Vishaka judgment by the Supreme Court laid down the guidelines for employers for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment/assault at the workplace, and stipulated the formation of committees to dispose of complaints from victims.