North Delhi Mayor Ravinder Gupta on Tuesday hit out at the Arvind Kejriwal-led dispensation, terming the first 100 days of the AAP government as a "total failure" and alleging that its only achievement was "finding fault" in almost everything and everybody.

Gupta claimed that ever since Kejriwal came to power, his party has been embroiled in one or the other controversy, leaving little time for him to concentrate on the citizens of Delhi and their needs.

"The only work that the Delhi government has been able to do well during these 100 days is finding fault in almost everything and everybody," he claimed.

The Mayor said that the government and his cabinet have "failed badly" in cooperating and blending with the system.

He said such a situation has led to frustration among the people who voted Kejriwal to power with such overwhelming majority, but are "yet to see" any result on the ground.

"During much of these 100 days, Kejriwal was struggling with rivalry among his own party members. Obviously, he did not have much time to focus on the poor people who voted for him. He has even failed in fulfilling his own manifesto’s promises," Gupta further alleged.

The cash-strapped North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) had knocked on AAP dispensation’s door, seeking release of funds due to it from Delhi government.

While the Kejriwal government did release some money to the three BJP-led municipal corporations, Gupta has also been demanding the release of global shares and municipal reform fund, besides, tabling of Delhi’s Fourth Finance Commission report in the Assembly.

The fund release issue has led to a war of words between the civic bodies side and the AAP government.

"The corporation is facing difficulties in performing its functions and disbursing salaries to its employees, on which thousands of families are dependent, just because Kejriwal is not releasing the due funds," Gupta said.