A five-year-old girl may have been witness to the murder of her mother and two siblings. Shabnam (24) and two of her children were found murdered at their house in Raghubir Nagar area this morning. Her three other children, Anam (5), Arshi (4) and Ayaan (11 months), were in the same room.

According to a relative, when Shabnam’s husband, Zafar, opened the door, he found his wife and two children lying in a pool of blood and the other three children crying.

"When I asked her that she had seen anything, Anam showed me three fingers but she told me that she had seen Chacha who came to the house late at night kill her mother," said Husna, a relative.

The girl claimed that she had watched some men, whom she refers to as "chacha", kill her mother and siblings. The relatives said Anam pretended to sleep and escaped harm. Husna said Anam usually calls any older man or stranger Chacha. Another relative, Asif, said a few days ago a man had given Anam Rs 1000 and demanded that she call him her father, but when she repeated his statement to her mother, Shabnam was furious.

Relatives claimed that when Zafar entered the house, the television was on full blast. Police suspect that the accused before committing the murder increased the volume of the TV, so that no one could heard the screams of the victims.

"When Zafar came back from Jaipur he found that the door was latched. He waited for some time as he thought that his wife had gone to drop their children to school. After waiting for some time and getting no response from her cell phone, he opened the door and found things scattered around," said a relative.

According to Deputy Commissioner of police (West) Pushpender Kumar a thorough investigation is going on in the case and the accused will be nabbed soon. "The footage of CCTV cameras in the area has also been analysed. But nothing significant has been noticed," said Mr Kumar.

There are at least three CCTV cameras in the 50-metre radius of the building in New Raghubir Nagar F-Block. The family had been staying in the rented flat on the second floor of the building for the past two years. "No sexual assault has been committed on the victim and we are also looking at what the minor girl is saying, but we can’t speculate," police said.