Celebrating diversity and in an effort to widen the horizon of the world of education, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, held The Hall of Friendship and Peace’ programme, here. A delegation of 34 students and four teachers from the Experimental School of the Capital Normal University in China attended the event.

“It enlarges student’s world view. There is no better teacher than travel. And when you travel with your teachers, you are safe, all you have to do is observe the richness of one’s culture,” Jyoti Bose, principal of Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, told thestatesman.com, on the sidelines of the event.

Explaining the Special Exchange Programmes conducted by the school, Bose added: “Our motto is to celebrate diversity. Not just China, we have exchanged our ethos with 22 countries of the world till date. Our children have been to all over the world and their students have come here.”

Chinese delegation’s visit was reciprocated to India’s trip to Beijing in October last year. With a 21-member delegation, Springdales School signed the Heart To Heart Agreement with The Government of China in October 2016.

The agreement aims to develop a mutual understanding between the students of two nations and provides them ample of opportunities to know about each other’s culture, way of living and education system.

“Children are the link to world peace and they don’t hold any barriers in the heart,” Bose added when asked about the basic inspiration behind signing the agreement.

During the vivid assembly, students from both the nations exhibited cultural performances to exchange ethnicity and national values.

Springdales’ choir took the audience on a musical ride with the rendition of the song ‘The Rhythm of Life’, followed by an article presentation on Indo-China Friendship. The article portrayed China’s friendship with India’s in ancient times and explained how the two nations continue to be the two major forces and centre of the world economic growth.

The Indian students further enthralled the audience with a Bengali dance performance and a Hindi classical ‘Aayi Rut Suhani Aayi’.

The visitors also showcased their culture through mesmerising musical and dance performances.

Earlier in the day, the Chinese delegation attended workshops on Madhubani art, which they appreciated later for its rich concept.