A three-day TLC Heartwork Tattoo Festival, with an aim to make tattoos accessible, will start on December 2 here.
The festival bring together the tattoo industry, artists and equipment suppliers.
To be held at the capital’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, it will see participation of artists from England, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands, read a statement.
The international artists include names like Jay Freestyle from the Netherlands, Stepan Negur from Russia, Bez 666 from Britain and Fabrice Koch from Germany.
“Our first introduction to tattoos was watching artists and their work on TLC (channel). The industry has come a long way since then and tattoos have gained wider acceptance. With the festival, we want to promote the culture of tattooing by giving people access to international artists and standards,” said Lokesh Verma, festival organiser and Director of Creative Skin Graphics.
The festival will also host music bands and acts by various other entertainers.