Delhi school of excellence showcases young talent through art exhibition

[Photo: SNS]

The Delhi government, in its continuous efforts to provide a platform for young artists from its Dr. BR Ambedkar School of Specialised Excellence-Performing and Visual Arts (ASoSE PVA), organised an art exhibition at Bikaner House, named “Lehar”.

The exhibition, organised and curated entirely by over 370 students of Class 10 and 11 from ASoSE PVA, is aimed at showcasing the remarkable artwork created by these talented individuals.

Under the theme ‘Lehar’, the students embarked on a journey of transformation, expressing their interpretation not only of their own lives but also of their surroundings, environment, and cities. The exhibition served as a testament to the students’ creativity and passion, as they confidently addressed issues such as the environment, pollution, and various community concerns.

This unique exhibition delved into the intricate relationship between ecology and urban life.  Through captivating visual displays and thought-provoking concepts, it explores the unfolding scenario of construction, rivers, plants, animals, mountains, forests, machines, and the dichotomy between urban and rural areas. This exhibition also raised important questions about the world the present generation is leaving for future generations, igniting a wave of consciousness and inspiring hope for a better future.

Delhi Education Minister Atishi, who recently visited the exhibition, expressed her admiration for the students’ artwork and said, “The creativity and depth of expression showcased by the students at this exhibition was truly commendable. It was heartening to see how young minds are engaging with pressing issues of the surrounding and conveying their concerns through art. This exhibition served as a powerful reminder of the role education plays in nurturing talent and shaping future leaders.”

Reflecting on the exhibition’s significance, Atishi said, “The Kejriwal government’s Dr. B R Ambedkar School of Specialised Excellence has created a platform for students to explore their artistic abilities and channel their thoughts into impactful art forms. This exhibition not only highlighted the immense talent of these young artists but also underscored the importance of incorporating arts education into our curriculum to foster creativity and critical thinking.”

She added that art and music are often considered as a hobby by parents and children never get the right opportunity to showcase them. At ASoSE PVA, the Delhi government is making an effort to make professional performing and visual art education accessible to every student who wants to make their career in this field. This school truly breaks down conventional molds of curriculum to recognise Performing and Visual Arts as a curricular field and carves a new academic pathway for young artists.

The exhibition featured an array of artistic forms and mediums, showcasing the talent nurtured within the Dr. B R Ambedkar School of Specialised Excellence. Visual Arts students presented their creations through a curated indoor exhibition, while interactive stalls hosted by students and teachers offered live workshops on art forms such as Gond Art, Madhubani Art, Block Printing, and Weaving.

The mesmerizing ambiance of the exhibition was further enhanced by live music performances, ranging from Jugalbandi to A Capella, as well as an immersive audio experience featuring a meticulously crafted background score by senior students in collaboration with Music Production artists. Additionally, the exhibition presented four thought-provoking short films conceptualised and directed by Class 10 students, along with over 40 stunning photographs captured by the students.

The Delhi government had launched ‘Performing and Visual Arts – Dr. BR Ambedkar Schools of Specialised Excellence’ in 2021. These schools were set up especially for students demonstrating early awareness of their artistic aptitude and keen to build a career in the field of creative arts.

Admitted through a selection process, students can specialise in one of three art forms – ‘Music (Indian and Western)’, ‘Visual Arts’ and ‘Filmmaking, Acting & Media Studies’ for 2 hours daily as a curricular subject, thereby recognizing early education in the arts as a mainstream subject. The uniquely crafted curriculum offers students experiential learning aimed at unlocking a wide array of higher education and career pathways.

At present, there are four PVA ASoSEs in Delhi with 570+ students across Grades 9-11. These ASoSEs are affiliated to Delhi Board of School Education(DBSE) and their curriculum is developed in collaboration with various international partners.