Alleging that the Trinamul Congress-led panchayats have become “a den of syndicate raj, nepotism and malpractices”, the CPI is all set to launch a campaign ahead of the panchayat election, to wipe out TMC from panchayats of West Bengal.

In a recent meeting of state council, CPI members reached a consensus on starting booth level campaigning in panchayat areas, especially where the party has a strong presence, to boost poll campaigning against the alleged corrupt practices of the TMC. The CPI party members observed that common people are being deprived of government facilities including state run schemes in rural areas as “panchayats are being run to fulfill vested interest of the local Trinamul leaders”.

“Extortion bids are being executed through local panchayat administration. Corrupt practices by the TMC and party rivalry adds to the sufferings of the people living in rural areas. Under these circumstances, there is no other way than to oust the corrupt party (TMC) from the panchayat bodies,” said a senior CPI leader.

CPI also mentioned in resolution of the party’s 22 state conference that the panchayats have become a den of “bastu ghugu” (corrupt leaders) of the Trinamul party, who are using the local body for their own gains, and that there is need to free the common man from their clutch.

CPI state secretary Probodh Panda said that the party wanted a democratic panchayat, and it will be their campaigning line in the upcoming panchayat poll. The party will also ensure that free and fair polling is conducted. Mr Panda said that the party targets to reach all booths to create awareness among masses in a bid to organise democratic movement against “corrupt” practices of the TMC.

The Left ally will also campaign against the BJP’s communal and polarisation politics in the state. The party observed that BJP and RSS could strengthen its base in the state only because of TMC. The TMC allegedly in connivance with the Centre is helping the BJP to play divisive politics. “People in rural areas must be made aware of the ploy of the BJP and TMC nexus, which is a big threat against the state’s secular culture,” said a senior leader.