The Opposition Congress is geared up with its campaign ‘Hisab dey sansad- Jawab dey sansad’ in Himachal Pradesh (HP), with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MPs on all the four Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Pradesh Congress Committee president, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu finalised the strategy to corner the BJP MPs in all the seats, by asking them to give an account of their performance from 15 to 17 February.

“As per the strategy, 13 senior Congress leaders, including former ministers and MLAs, would reach out to Lok Sabha constituencies and hold Press conferences to question Modi government on its performance in four years of rule,” said Sukhu.

He said that the Congress will ask the MPs as to how many schemes they brought from Centre for their area, how many times they visited the constituency and how much money they brought or spent in their constituency for development works.

Sukhu said Narendra Modi government in the Centre has not fulfilled any poll promise made to the people of HP in 2014 Parliament elections.

“The BJP MP will have to answer the questions raised by us. They can’t evade the queries on what all they did in four years and how many poll promises they fulfilled in HP,” Sukhu said.

He said rather than raising questions on the Congress campaign, the BJP MPs should prepare to give reply to Opposition party’s questions. “They are accountable to the people of Himachal and should come out with all the details on their work now,” he said.

Sukhu released the list, wherein specific leaders have been asked to hold Press conferences in different Lok Sabha constituencies from 15 to 17 February.