The Left Front-led board at the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Thursday passed the budget for 2018- 2019 with support from the Congress party.

However, the opposition Trinamul Congress did not support the fiscal estimates and claimed it was a “dimensionless budget.” The Leader of the Congress party in the SM, Sujoy Ghatak, served a copy of a memorandum with 10 proposals before Mayor Asok Bhattacharya, demanding revision of the budget before passing it.

The Mayor agreed to the proposal. “Some points were not mentioned in the budget, and we have demanded revision and filling up of the missing areas, and the mayor has agreed to revise the budget. We have supported the budget on grounds of development,” Mr Ghatak said.

BJP councilors also demanded some points to be revised and accepted the budget. Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition, Ranjan Sarkar, said that the budget was visionless.

“Congress has always been supportive of passing the budget since the last three years. Owing to their support, the people of Siliguri have to suffer for one year more as there is not going to be any development nor remedies for problems,” he claimed.

The mayor, meanwhile, said they have received the 10- point proposal from the Congress. “We have agreed to their points and work to make the necessary changes will be done accordingly,” Mr Bhattacharya said.