Taking cognizance of the complaints from various political parties and their representatives regarding unauthorised usage of TV channels, the Election Commission through an order has asked the Gujarat Entertainment Tax Commissioner to issue a legality check on the broadcast of all such channels and if found illegal, it has authorised the commissioner to close down unauthorised channels.

Following this, the state’s entertainment tax commissioner, Dhiraj Kakadia, has instructed all the district collectors to submit a report on the number of such channels running in their area and report to his office.

The reports to be submitted should include if the channels have valid license from the government or the relevant authority to operate and also the duration for which the license was given and if everything is in place, do they follow the broadcast rules? Cable operators will also come under the purview.

It was brought to the notice of the Election Commission that a number of unauthorised and unregistered TV channels were being used by the parties and its candidates to publicise their work unofficially. The EC

Meanwhile, the Election Code of Conduct (ECoC) has been released by the Election Commission (EC) for the states of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. As the ECoC has been made public, the political parties contesting are expected to function under certain constraints set by the EC.