In view of rising cases of Covid-19, all inbound persons traveling to the state of Punjab will have to undertake a self-quarantine of 14 days.

As per the advisory issued on Saturday, which will be applicable from 7 July, for International travelers, the quarantine would be institutional for the first seven days and home for the next seven days.

All inbound persons traveling to Punjab, any person whether major or minor coming to the state via road, rail or air will be required to e-register himself or herself through any of the following means before starting his or her journey to Punjab.

Except for frequent travelers, all inbound persons after reaching Punjab will have to undertake a self-quarantine of 14 days and during this period they will have to update their health status daily on COVA App or would have to call 112 daily.

In case they feel they are developing any symptoms of Covid-19, they will have to immediately call 104.. Any violation of these instructions will make violators liable for penal action, an official spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Punjab’s civil aviation director, Girish Dayalan, said during unlock 2.0 permission would be granted to airlines, charter services or deportation flights to land flights at Mohali and Amritsar Airport carrying Indians stranded abroad.

He said to facilitate easier transport, the airlines may ensure that the flights carrying the passengers of other states i.e. Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh (HP) may land at Mohali while passengers from Jammu, Kashmir and HP may land at Amritsar.

Dayalan said the respective state governments may designate their nodal officers from whom permission is to be sought and who shall be responsible for making arrangements to transport their passengers to their respective states.