Welcoming the Union Budget, Haryana agriculture minister JP Dalal on Monday said that this Budget will prove beneficial for the farmers and people residing in rural areas.

Speaking to reporters, Dalal said that Prime Minister,. Narendra Modi is making efforts to fulfill his resolution of doubling income of farmers. Dalal said that while presenting the budget, Union finance and corporate affairs minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has clearly mentioned about the Minimum Support Price (MSP). He said that now the farmers will not be misled by saying that MSP is being abolished.

The agriculture minister said it has been announced to set up about 1000 new e-Mandis (Grain Markets) in the Union Budget. Opposition parties who were portraying themselves as farmers were spreading rumours about abolishing Mandis.

He said that by comparing and presenting the data of wheat, paddy, pulses and cotton procurement during the previous Governments, Union Finance Minister, Sitharaman has shown the right picture to the people who were spreading rumors and misleading the farmers.

Dalal said that the budget allocated for the Rural Development and Health Department in the Union Budget proves that the Government is concerned about the development and enhancement of income of the farmers and people residing in rural areas. Many schemes have been developed in the interest of farmers.

The announcement of opening around 100 new Sainik Schools will also prove beneficial for the youngsters hailing from rural areas.