Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Centre government for “viciously” targeting Punjab and its farmers on “one ridiculous pretext or another”.

Punjab Congress chief Sunil Jakhar on Saturday alleged that the true motive of the proposed amendments to the Electricity Act 2003 was to take away free power from Punjab farmers and handover electricity distribution to corporate houses. Punjab is one region where our farmers get free electricity, Jakhar said while speaking to reporters.

He said BJP is also harassing Punjab for standing against Centre’s diktat in forcing three anti-farmer laws upon the nation.

While pointing out that central BJP leadership including defence minister Rajnath Singh and food minister Piyush Goyal had asked farmers to trust them on electricity issue as it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s word, Jakhar asked who will trust the PM now.

Jakhar said BJP regime is also planning to bring Seed Bill, which would directly put farmers at whims and fancies of private players who would have sole control of production and sale of seeds.

BJP which had won elections on the plank of teaching Pakistan a lesson has forgotten that and instead has now trained its guns on Punjab and Punjabis who have stood up against the draconian regime of the saffron party.

Jakhar urged all political parties in the state to come together to fight BJP’s anti- Punjab agenda.

In a word of advice for the BJP, Jakhar said its leaders must apprise the PM of prevailing ground reality and growing resentment against his party at the earliest.

Just like people had forced SAD into hiding after the sacriledge incidents, BJP leaders will meet the same fate over farm laws, he added.

On direct bank transfer, Jakhar slammed Centre for creating one obstacle after another in wheat procurement process.

Centre is trying to harass the farmer and divert his anger against the state government.

This is also a bid to undermine the time tested and successful Mandi (grain market system, he said