A discom team of about 20 people, including two women, was attacked by a mob with iron rods in west Delhi on Tuesday. The team was on a regular inspection to check power theft. The team was being accompanied by Delhi Police.

According to reports, while the team was carrying out its exercise in Kamruddin Nagar (Mundka), said to be a high-power theft area in West Delhi, an irate mob of 15-20 unscrupulous elements attacked the team with iron rods.

In the ensuing melee, a BSES official (also a retired Delhi Police ACP) Santosh Kumar Singh, sustained serious head injuries. He was rushed to the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The mob seized an opportunity to attack the BSES team after the two policemen accompanying it went away on lunch break.

A BSES official claimed that the attack pre-planned. He said, “this is not an isolated incident. Efforts of discom teams to check irregularities are often thwarted by the lawless people who function in organised gangs.

Whenever discom teams goes to sensitive’ areas, criminal elements gherao them and obstruct officials from carryiing on their duties. Power theft has taken shape of an organised crime and greater police support is needed to curb this menace.”