Electrical supply has been shut down in 10 tribal villages under Ranipathar panchayat of Kajuripada block since last week as a herd of nine elephants led by two tuskers are moving in the area.

The herd entered the villages from Birigarh of Boudh district last week and wrecked havoc damaging crops.

The forest officers have cautioned the villagers and also instructed the power supply engineers about sagging 33KV high tension lines in the area which may lead to electrocution of the elephants.

They suggested disconnection of power supply till the herd is driven out of the area. It will take time due to the hilly terrain, said Laxmi Narayan Behera the DFO, Phulbani.

The villagers continue to live without electricity for over a week now. Irate villagers said the forest and energy department officers need to take urgent steps. Why are overhead lines sagging when the standing instruction, particularly during monsoon is to erect the lines, restore bent poles etc, said the villagers.