Demanding immediate release of their jailed Army chief Chandrasekhar alias Raavan, hundreds of activists and supporters of Bheem Army Ekta Mission staged a protest at Collectorate in Saharanpur on Thursday.

The Bheem army men and women also wanted to court arrest raising their demand. They handing over a list of 200 of them which later finalized on 65.

This included the office bearers and members of the army’s executive committee of Saharanpur unit and prominent leaders. The police, however, denied any court arrest.

Denying any court arrest SSP of Saharanpur Babloo Kumar however admitted that a list has been given to the police by the protestors who returned from the Collectorate after their protest.

Army’s founder president Raavan is in jail for the past few months in connection of Saharanpur violence. He is charged of provoking his supporters for violence after they were prevented from convening a Panchayat of Dalits in May last year. He was arrested and booked under National Security Act.

Since than Raavan is in jail and his supporters have been trying to mount pressure for his release through protests.

On Thursday morning hundreds of Bheem Army supporters and leaders collected at the collectorate and protested there demanding Raavan’s release.

In their address the leaders targeted RSS, BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that Dalits want liberation from Manuwad, Brahminwad, RSS and BJP. Demanding the release of Raavan they said that they would continue their protest until the Army chief is released from jail.

Leading the protestors Army’s district chief Kamal Singh Walia, office bearer Manjeet Singh Nauriyal and Praveen Gautam handed over their memorandum of demands to the district administration with other supporters.

Besides the release of their chief they also demanded withdrawal of cases from Army officials and activists, compensation to victims of Shabbirpur caste violence and arresting of BJP MP of Saharanpur Raghav Lakhanpal and party’s city chief Amit Gangneja for their role in Sarak Doodhli caste violence.