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Baby snake found in mid-day meal in Haryana school

SNS | New Delhi |

In a shocking incident, a baby snake, also known as a 'snakelet', was found in the mid-day meal served to children in Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School in Haryana.

On finding the snakelet, the children were immediately stopped from consuming the meal, but unfortunately some students had already eaten portions of it.

When the principal and other teachers tasted the food, they saw the snakelet after which they immediately intimated the other students to not eat it.

The district administration has launched a probe in the incident and sent the sample for laboratory test in Chandigarh.

The administration also stopped other schools to serve the food as the same agency Iskcon Food Relief Foundation supplies the meal in 371 schools in the district.

In past too, it was witnessed that quality of mid-day meal is always compromised in different states, but this incident shows that how the school staff and authorities were careless which did not put any check before offering the meal to children.

(With inputs from agencies)