Huge cache of ancient weapons were discovered during digging for a road project in a remote village in district Tehri.

The road construction work was underway near the Pepola Dhung village (Patti: Dhung Manar) and the find has thrilled the villagers.

About 84 ancient sword, javelin, dagger, etc were recovered. This forced the Tehri district administration to send a team for verification in the village on Sunday.

The Pepola Dhung village is waiting for road connectivity since a long time. Work on the 1.2 Km Champatok-Pepola road project is underway since the past seven months. 

On Friday the workers were conducting digging foundation for an embankment when they found some iron things. The workers became threatened . They told villagers about the find on Saturday.

Pepola Dhung’s village head Birbal Singh said, “I tried to gather information about the connection of our village with the princely state Tehri Garhwal, but failed to get any clue. We demand proper excavation in the site from the state government.”

The rusted sword, dragger, javelin have forced the villagers to connect the war weapons with the 1803 Gorkha war. But, that is more a speculation and these iron weapons need to get authenticated scientifically and also by historians/archaeologists.

Sobhan Negi, a staff of Ghansali Tehsil, said, “ We inspected the site and asked the village head of Pepola Dhung keep the discovered weapons in his custody. We have also created an embankment on the site, from where the weapons were found.”

Based on the report of the local staff the Tehri district administration will be taking the next step. There is possibility of conducting fresh excavation in the site. 

The village is located 11 km from Ghansali and is home to about 50 families. The discovery has put a least known Pepola Dhung village on the limelight.



Photo: Villagers standing near the discovered weapon at Pepola Dhung village in Tehri.