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Ajay Singh sees BJP plot in mother’s complaint

Statesman News Service | Bhopal |

The leader of the Opposition in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Ajay Singh submitted a notice of no-confidence against the state government to the State Assembly Secretariat, a day after his mother lodged a complaint of domestic violence against him.

The notice is meant for the assembly’s monsoon session that is scheduled for 25 to 29 June. This would be the last session of this current Assembly before assembly polls at the year-end.

Speaking to reporters at the assembly on Wednesday morning, Singh charged that the BJP was again hatching a conspiracy against him before the no-confidence motion.

“Last time I brought a no-confidence motion, the state government conspired with our Congress leader Chaudhary Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi and turned him against us. This time the BJP has conspired again by using my mother through my sister against me,” Singh alleged.

He averred that he had already announced that he would submit the no-confidence notice on 20 June, so the BJP hatched the conspiracy against him just a day before.

Singh alleged that his sister Veena Singh is in touch with the BJP and is conspiring against him using his mother Saroj Kumari.

Singh said it would be better if his sister took formal membership of the BJP and fought against him on a political level openly instead of covertly hatching conspiracies against him.

Singh also alleged that the BJP had provided the advocate to his mother who was also the advocate of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Singh’s mother Saroj Kumari (84) had on Tuesday reached a court in Bhopal along with her daughter Veena Singh and lodged a complaint against her two sons, Ajay Singh and Abhimanyu Singh, alleging domestic violence, throwing her out of her own house and not taking care of her or providing her any financial support.