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AISA leader alleges online harassment

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

All India Students’Association (AISA) leader Kawalpreet Kaur has filed a complaint against “organised online harassment” for “standing against communal mob lynching” and alleged that fake news was spread in her name in social media. She has demanded swift action against the perpetrators.

Kawalpreet, firebrand leader of AISA, initiated an online campaign as part of the “#NotInMyName” campaign asking people to change their Facebook profile pictures in support of the Constitution and to stand against communal mob lynching.

On 27 June, she changed her Facebook profile picture to one in which she is holding a placard which reads, “I am a citizen of India and I stand with secular values of our Constitution. I will stand against communal mob lynching of Muslims in our country”. The AISA leader said after this post of hers a page with millions of likes used the same picture with hateful content.

Kawalpreet said she filed an online complaint to the DCP EOW Delhi, Jt.CP crime Delhi, Cybercell and Cybercrime on 1 July.  She alleged that no action was taken. “The same event got repeated after the Amarnath incident and this time it was with a more vicious agenda. The content of the picture not just tarnishes her image but also calls for violence against her putting her safety at stake,” said an AISA press release.

“Such incidents do not only paint the one dissenting against the government in bad light but also calls for hatred and violence. It was only after the anti-mob lynching campaign spread in the entire country that the BJP IT cell started deploying various demeaning tactics and spreading fake news in order to discredit the movement and spread violence against us,” said Kawalpreet.