Five members of a family were found dead in a locked house in Allahabad on Monday. The body of 35-year-old Manoj Kushwaha was found hanging from a ceiling fan, while that of his wife was in the refrigerator.

The bodies of three girls, believed to be the couple’s daughters, were also found in the house. Two of the bodies were stuffed in a suitcase and in an almirah, while the the third was in another room, according to an ANI report.

Media reports suggest the house was locked from inside. It is learnt that the man could have first killed the other members of his family and then committed suicide.

“It seems that the man, Manoj Kushwaha, killed his wife and three daughters, and later committed suicide,” police officer Nitin Tiwari was quoted as saying.

The police believe the killings could be because of a family dispute or the man’s suspicion that his wife was having an affair.